once again … Vienna!

Each January 1, I wake up early to catch the Eurovision broadcast of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year’s concert from Vienna’s Musikverein. And each year, it makes me want to visit Vienna again. I do not always give into this feeling, but every other year, I cannot help myself, so I book my train tickets and find a good airbnb apartment. Now that it is 2018, I’m going back for a week of total immersion, once again :-)

As with previous years, I have been making my lists, adding them both to Foursquare and Google Maps, but this year, I have also added some details to a Moleskine Vienna edition to see if I can stay away from my phone a bit more and be more analogue in my travels.

I always start with an apartment and train tickets, but once I decide (and get approved!) on my apartment and the neighborhood, next up I check the Vienna’s tourist website: https://www.wien.info/en. An excellent start, both for first time visitors and for returnees like me. I especially look for interesting exhibitions and little gems: this year, I have hit a jackpot because Vienna is celebrating its architect Otto Wagner. I am familiar with some of his buildings, but I am hoping to learn and see more in visits to MAK and Wien Museum. Another surprise is Keith Haring at the Albertina: Keith Haring. The Alphabet.

Other than that, I will see where the city and the weather will lead me: no idea yet.

If you have any suggestions: comments are open!

Vienna visits:
(notice a theme?)

Review: Ondanks de zwaartekracht

Ondanks de zwaartekrachtOndanks de zwaartekracht by Suzanna Jansen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Boek gekocht naar aanleiding van een interview op radio 4 met de schrijfster. Het heeft een tijdlang gelegen op mijn “te lezen stapel”, maar vandaag dan eindelijk begonnen.
Wat een geweldig boek, met drie mooie verhalen. Een aanrader voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in de geschiedenis van de 20e eeuw, maar ook voor een ieder die houdt van dans of kunst of architectuur!

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Podcasts : List for 2018

As I previously wrote, I am a fan of podcasts. Almost on a daily basis, I will listen to a new podcast during my commute. My previous list still stands, but I can recommend the following podcasts as well:

I’m always looking for new podcasts, so leave a recommendation in the comments!

Review: Secrets in Death

Secrets in Death (In Death, #45)Secrets in Death by J.D. Robb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve moved away from my plan to reread all In Death books for now and this means a new Eve Dallas mystery keeps my attention for the entire read.
J.D. Robb knows how to pace her novels and Secrets of Death has a pace that surprised me. While some of her novels will give you mass murders all through the book, or a nice psychopath who murders by schedule, this time we have one murder for most of the book.
Slightly surprised towards the end to find who the culprit was, and in a way it felt like happy coincidence when you remember how Eve reacts to this character when first meeting them.
However, I enjoyed myself once again: and as always, I cannot wait for a new In Death, but not too soon because I’ll know I’ll enjoy reading them better when pacing myself!

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Chocolate Xocolātl Chocolade Chocolat Schokolade

A new love for chocolate: I blame my friends!

But this is a hobby I can easily get behind, as in just a few days, I’ve learned to appreciate the darkness of an Åkesson’s 75% Criollo bar or the innovation of Mesjokke’s Natural Blonde bar. Small bites, careful tasting: bring it on!

Review: Heat Storm

Heat Storm (Nikki Heat, #9)Heat Storm by Richard Castle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When the TV show Castle ended, I thought I was done with all things Castle & Beckett, but when I discovered the last two novels by Richard Castle, I found I was sucked back into everything Nikki Heat.

How meta when a fictional author, in his latest novel, brings back his fictional wive’s alter-ego’s mother from the dead?
It was very enjoyable to spend a few hours in the company of not only Nikki Heat, Rook, but also of Derrick Storm and his father.

It’s been good catching up on the story arc, and, in a way, it’s been good to find a more satisfactory closure to the TV show that started my years as a fan.

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