Things I learned on mastodon

  • Choose a server, read the server rules before you do. I am now on my third mastodon account and I’m sure this will not be my last.
  • See if you can pitch in on your mastodon server/instance. Check your server’s about page.
  • I frown when an image posted to mastodon does not have any text/alt description: just add it and make others happy.
  • If you just post to try to get averse reactions, I’m no longer interested in your account. I’ve found that a friendly and supportive interaction is the way to go.
  • Like posts, of course! And then boost if you want your followers to see the message as well.
  • Follow hashtags, I’m a fan - I’ve been following #CrossStitch and #Embroidery and I’ve found other cross stitch fanatics.
  • Use CW: a content warning is not just for NSFW content. I’ve started to appreciate it when someone adds a rant behind a CW, whether it’s about politics or the climate. Try adding a CW when posting images of food. When using a CW it’s not really about you, but it’s about the rest of the mastodon user group.1
  • I do not miss quoted tweets at all. No more snark, just behave like a decent person. If you have something to say, reply to the original post.
  • About those replies: who is your intended audience? Is it the original user? You can simply reply just to them. If you want to whole world to see? Make it a public reply. Don’t be a show off ;-)
  • Profiles without an image or descriptions? Sorry, just no.
  • Tags: the more the merrier as they enable searching for posts. Just do not forget to CamelCase2 the tags, which is useful when you consider other users with screenreaders.
  • Filters! More, please! Currently I am filtering mostly twitter retweets and some political parties.
  • Just add a rel=me link to your own website, and you will get a nice green verification on your user profile. If you do not know how to do this? Search for rel=me

HTML rel=me code I’m using

A snippet of code, hiding in the footer of my website.

     <a rel="me" style="text-decoration:none;" href="">&nbsp;</a>

More (detailed) instructions

One More?

  • Use filters, they’ll be your friends.

&ldquo;screenshot of filter settings&rdquo;

(cover image source:

  1. The diversity on Mastodon is amazing. Try to keep that in mind, you’re no longer in your twitter bubble and the world is more wonderfully diverse than you might think. Read this great post on the original mastodon community: Home invasion: Mastodon’s Eternal September begins ↩︎

  2. CamelCase, see wikipedia ↩︎