When the doorbell rang this morning, I was a bit cross to be woken up early on my last vacation day. But the delivery woman very kindly handed me a heavy square box, wrapped up in brown paper packaging: shipped all the way from Georgia, USA by my lovely American family!

Carefully I tore the brown paper only to see a beautifully decorated christmassy box!

beautiful box

Opening the box I took out a wonderful dreamcatcher, a lovely little Christmas card and I saw loads and loads of bright red tissue paper. Beneath all this red were bags and bags of M&M’s! Tiny M&M’s, mint M&M’s, pretzel M&M’s, salt ’n sweet M&M’s, two M&M christmas ornaments and, the joy: more bags of peanut butter M&M’s[1. There simply is not a better treat than some peanut butter M&M’s! Too bad Mars Inc does not want to introduce these M&M’s in the Netherlands/Europe!]!

and the goodies from the box!

This calls for some extra credit on my skype account to call them tonight!