Your Illness is Not Your Fault | YouTube

A great YouTube video: Your Illness is Not Your Fault

I was surprised how intense this script came out. Apparently this is something that’s been stewing in me for a long time. I didn’t realize it until I got really annoyed at a friend for saying something that I should have seen as thoughtful and kind. It’s funny how these things can sneak up inside of you.

Since I didn’t actually check in on my health in this video, and I’m sure people will be curious, I do feel better. My sinus headache is persistent, but the cough is chilling out finally (which is good because I separated some connective tissue from my left lower rib, which is making the coughing hurt pretty bad.)

The colitis is under control after an alarming Dayquil-related symptom spike. My medicine is working very well for me, even if it makes my immune system less good at its job.

Thanks for your support of me, but more for supporting the people in your lives who need it more than I do. I have more support than any one human deserves :-)

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