working 9 to 9

As the year is drawing to its end, work at a publishing company is always extremely busy. Our final deadline for handing in electronic files to send to the offset-printers is today.

To make sure all the projects under my supervision will get published, I have been working 9-10 hour days these last couple of weeks. Luckily I am not the only one making these long hours, because our floor (where most of the Production Technicians and Editors are) has been crowded – even during those evening hours!

At home, I usually crash the moment I get in the house. I haven’t had much time to check up on my computer (the lost receipt is probably indeed just that: LOST), so poor Sofie has been quite lonely (Michiel is having internet problems).

Meanwhile I keep believing that things will improve, and I am wishing I will get my new house quickly! I love my housemates, but I am more than ready to move into a place of my own. Of course, I could not handle having to move house now, so if I could just delay the whole business till the quiet months of January/February it would be fine by me!