What is a weblog?

Interesting link: Compatibility of Weblogs and ISSN

For those people who might (or might not) read my blog (and any other blog for that matter), and who wonder what a weblog/blog is:

What is a Weblog?

A Weblog is defined by Blood (2002) as “a format: a Web page with new entries placed at the top, updated frequently.”

In practice, we find two broad categories:


The original Weblog format. The author uses the basic function of the Web, the hyperlink, to annotate another page with his or her original writing


Also known as journals. More autobiographical in form; memoirs

Many Weblogs combine the two forms. Note that it is exceedingly difficult to find Weblogs that merely link and do not also comment. The vast preponderance of Weblogs are set up specifically to give voice to open-ended quantities of original content, usually writing.

(from Compatibility of Weblogs and ISSN)