Weird Dream

Had a weird dream last night:

Was at my paternal grandparents’ apartment – which didn’t look like their apartment at all – to visit my grandfather, who has been dead since 1999. As far as I understood he came back to life when my grandmother died (2004). When I checked the apartment for him, he wasn’t there, but instead I went outside and up the stairs to another apartment. There he was sleeping in a chair. I woke him up and helped him walk over to the dining area.

My grandfather was very together, totally different from his last years, because at 91 his brain was tired and non-cooperative.

All I can remember is putting my hands on his arms and he smiled.

Then I woke up.

Seems I wasn’t the only with a weird dream, Jennifer posted hers here.

Anyone out there who can shed a light on an interpretation of my dream?