Various Updates


Yes, it’s mine. I’m waiting for the rent-papers (contract/etc) to arrive, but I have confirmed I want it and the Foundation (how serious does that sound?) has confirmed it’s mine :)

Next week, I’ll be making endless lists of things I need to buy, things I need to cancel and renew, and of course, the all important “move” itself. Friends of mine have heard the question ‘What are you doing in the third week of December?’ often enough by now, to realize I want them to help me ;)



With all the house-searching and such, I have not had any time to write. It seems, I’m stuck at my current word-count, and I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up. Perhaps, I’ll do another run in January.



Spending the weekend in Lunteren, working on Three-Dimensional (at least, that’s part of the reason). Sofie, Michiel and Nancy have helped me celebrate the new house: my parents gave me a nice bottle of bubbly wine :)

We will be doing some 3D stuff, mainly working on a new site for ourselves, and working on a site for possible customers.

All in all? Life is good!