The Olympics

Here I am again, hijacking Nieke’s blog once more.
This time not about IT or blogging or any other internet related stuff but none the less you can read all around about it nowadays.

The Olympics!

Today I spend a whole day watching TV and the special sportshows. WOW. What do I love this time!

I live in a very small country, (for the time being) Belgium.  We have around 60 athletes at the games which, in compare with USA, is not very much. Nevertheless we are great at what we do and we do live by our athletes much closer.

I enjoy it when someone reaches the finals, reaches the 24th place, 16 or any other.  It basicly means that you are the 16th best person from the world!  Ain’t that awesome for such a small country?

As mentioned before our soccerteam is really really bad but the -21, which are now at the games, are doing pretty well. We have some good swimmers, sailors, horse riders, and many others.. everytime just one or maybe two single individuals performing at the best they can.  From this year on, we even have a hockey team. ;)

I am proud that the IOC president is a Belgian guy.  I am proud of being a Belgian citizen.

Why are you so proud on your country?