The Keukenhof is open again – planning my visit #tulips

Yesterday, the seasonal flower park “The Keukenhof” opened again. I’m planning my visit based on the weather1 in the next two weeks and any free days I can schedule. Of course, this year I will bring my new camera and a new tripod: this should be fun!

Pink Impression

Visiting the Keukenhof has become an annual event and as soon as the first sprigs of Spring appear, I start checking my calendar and the weather reports!

More on my previous visits:

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  1. I keep track of the weather before my visit, because so many of the flowers are outside and they need good weather (enough moisture and sun) to really grown into their magnificence. Cold, wet weather: I will wait until the end of the opening period; sunny, dry weather: I will try to be there early in the opening period.