Taste In Ringtones

So I have an odd taste in ringtone music, and usually I cannot find the mp3 versions I really would like to have.

Thanks to a wonderful program called “Audacity” I can cut up any mp3/wav file I have and make it into a smaller mp3.

For my own pleasure, I have made the following ringtones:

  • J.S. Bach : Toccata & Fugue In D Minor, BWV 565 – 1. Toccata
  • L. von Beethoven : Sympohonie Nr. 5 c-moll op 67 Allegro 1
  • Gabriel Rios : Ghostboy – Broad daylight (2 versions)
  • Henry Mancini : Victor/Victoria – Le Jazz Hot (intro)

You can download them from this directory.