Starred Links

I’ve stopped using Bloglines after discovering Google Reader. Even though I had to get used to its format, it is a good news feed reader (although I have already joined their forum, because I have enough request to last me another version!). All the links below have been stored away in my ‘Star’ column in the Google Reader.

Ten (sensible) startup rules
[BoingBoing] Zelf privatiseren [Bieslog] {nl}
Canon waarschuwt voor kopieerfeestjes [Fok!] {nl}
Leg bloggen uit aan iemand die het nog niet kent [about:blank] {nl}
Krazy Korners [etc.] CSS Forms [etc.] Microsoft caught subverting UN process, censoring FOSS references [BoingBoing]
500+ Colours [etc.] Man accused of stealing vast number of Lego kits from Target stores [BoingBoing] Coffee table with integrated book-shelves like hanging files [BoingBoing] QTVR of Large Hadron Collider at CERN [BoingBoing] yotophoto [etc.] EFF’s blogger’s rights guide for students [BoingBoing] One laptop per child for the developing world [BoingBoing] The evolution** of spam [] Spoon with integrated loose-tea egg [BoingBoing] David Mamet: “Compassionate Conservatism”© at the First Thanksgiving [Huffington Post] Sofa converts to a bunk-bed [BoingBoing] HOWTO turn an iPod into a mitten-warmer [BoingBoing] Lontje [bieslog] {nl}
Become a better Standardista [etc.] Hard-drives shaped like giant legos [BoingBoing] Christ Loses Capital in Dutch [] Typographers ponder ligatures for WTF, LOL [BoingBoing] Dolphins play at least 317 different games [BoingBoing] Homestar Runner papercraft [BoingBoing]