Spring | Booking Through Thursday

What new book would make you spring out of your chair and run to the bookstore? (Or library, or nearest computer screen, depending on your book-delivery-method of choice.)

Whenever I see that a favorite author of mine has a new book coming out, I check Amazon for its availability as ebook and click to pre-order whenever that’s possible. No need for immediate action when the books comes out, because (how boring!) the book is automatically delivered to my Kindle on the morning of publication. I basically wake up with a notice that my book is ready to download, and I can start reading it almost immediately.

This takes away some of the romance of standing in line for a new book, or reserving a book at my library, but the convenience definitely makes up for it!

Now for books that I will pre-order?
Basically anything from JD Robb/Nora Roberts, Lindsey Davis, Richard Castle, Boris Akunin, Claude Izner. More on these can be found in a previous BTT post: Anticipation.

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