Searching for a Fountain Pen: Waterman Lady Charlotte (Blue Marble)

I think it was for my 17th birthday that my parents gave me my gorgeously wonderful Waterman fountain pen. Last month my fountain pen expert (P.W. Akkerman in the Hague, is there any other?) told me that unfortunately my pen had died. This past weekend I spent quite a lot of time browing the interwebs looking for another one of these pens. No real luck.

It appears that the Lady Charlotte range from Waterman was a hit series. I’ve found a website with the list of Lady Charlotte pens and I discoverd that mine is the Lady Charlotte Blue Marble. Trying to find pens for sale, now that was even more difficult. I did find a few and I currently am watching a nib section for sale on eBay which might help me bring back my pen to the land of the living.

Of course I will visit my favorite fountain pen store Akkerman looking for a new fountain pen, but still … I want my pen back!

Lady Charlotte, Blue Marble
Lady Charlotte, Blue Marble


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  1. Hello, If you are still interested, I have a lovely Waterman Lady Charlotte, Cobalt Blue/solid color & 18k gold nib & trims. Like you, it was a gift as a young lady. I have kept it in my jewelry box for at least 30(plus) years. It is in excellent condition and also in excellent condition is a small leather case / with the waterman logo imprint. I am now older and by default …I have an animal rescue that I am supporting fully by myself. I moved to a small parcel of land/older homestead in the city where my mother lives to assist her in her later years. (She will turn 90 years old this Thursday July 30) I have 1.5 acres of land and a couple of older buildings on the property. There are wooded portions on the property and so many abandoned animals trying to live that I could simply not ignore. I have been for the past 8 years now caring, catching, spay/neutering and placing these sweet forgotten animals. The costs to care for the animals has now brought me to the place of selling my small valuables to help finance their care. If you are still interested in the Lady Charlotte fountain pen, please contact me. I will send you photos… you will be simply delighted! It was so beautiful for me as a young lady, I kept it as a piece of jewelry. I only want it to go to someone like you… who thinks it as lovely as I did. If you are interested, I will have to trust you on a price to ask in the sell. I am hoping someone can help me on a fair price for the piece as to its worth. Look forward to hearing from you. Kindest Regards, Jeannette

  2. Dear Jeannette,
    If you’re still interested in selling your Lady Charlotte, I’m very interested. I received one as a Christmas gift from my parents many years ago. It went missing about a decade later and I’ve missed it. I’ve been looking on eBay off and on for several years to find its replacement without luck. I would give it a good home.

    I applaud your work rescuing animals – it’s a worthy pursuit.

    Best regards,

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