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The new Southeast Crater at the summit of Mount Etna in Sicily made a new eruptive episode during the night of 14-15 December 2013, the first since 12 days, and the 20th of the year 2013 (the 45th since January 2011). This paroxysm was considerably less intense than its recent predecessors, never passing into a phase of sustained lava fountaining and tephra (ash and lapilli) emission. Yet, it was fine to see – and it had its moments, in particular when a series of powerful explosions caused by the bursting of huge magma bubbles was followed by the opening of a new vent on the southeastern flank of the cone, and the opening of another vent slightly further down on the same side of the cone at daybreak on 15 December.

This is the view from my kitchen, from where I occasionally observed, photographed, and filmed the event, at 02:17 GMT (=local time -1) on 15 December. The main road of my home village Tremestieri Etneo, suitingly called Via Etnea, is seen in the foreground.

Watch and listen (best with headphones on and at full volume)
December 15, 2013 at 09:49AM
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