Review: Inferno

Reading Material Oct 14, 2016

Inferno by Dan Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Totally forgot I had this book waiting to be read.
When I saw a billboard at the train station for the Inferno movie, I suddenly remembered the book!
Last night I started ready, fell asleep a bit too late, because I did not want to stop! Dan Brown has written another fast paced Robert Langdon book, and I enjoyed it. Some of the descriptions felt a bit too elaborate, so I read quickly but it was very enjoyable!

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Tags: 4 stars, book review, dan brown, goodreads, inferno, robert langdon


Leonieke Aalders

Love city life in The Hague #stayhome #staylocal Nature, buildings, statues: what a great way to capture an image!

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