Review: Heat Storm

Reading Material Aug 18, 2017

Heat Storm by Richard Castle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When the TV show Castle ended, I thought I was done with all things Castle & Beckett, but when I discovered the last two novels by Richard Castle, I found I was sucked back into everything Nikki Heat.

How meta when a fictional author, in his latest novel, brings back his fictional wive's alter-ego's mother from the dead?
It was very enjoyable to spend a few hours in the company of not only Nikki Heat, Rook, but also of Derrick Storm and his father.

It's been good catching up on the story arc, and, in a way, it's been good to find a more satisfactory closure to the TV show that started my years as a fan.

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Tags: 5 stars, book review, derrick storm, goodreads, jameson rook, Kate Beckett, nikki heat, Richard Castle


Leonieke Aalders

Love city life in The Hague #stayhome #staylocal Nature, buildings, statues: what a great way to capture an image!

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