Recent Designs for my Blog

After reinstating my blog on my main domain again back in January, I have been fiddling with various designs to see which would fit my needs and wants.

I have tried the themes available via WordPress, tweaking them where needed, but I have also looked into more professional WP themes. It’s been difficult to distinguish between paid themes that don’t work and paid themes that I like/want to use.

In the end, I’ve chosen a paid design which I can tweak as much as I want: not just the colors, but also the way various posts/categories are displayed. So, behold my version of the theme Big Feature by Roger Grimstad. There’s a huge batch of documentation and examples for this theme, which I will be studying to see how I can make everything work they way I want them too. I’m already making a list (I really want to get back into book reviews again!), so this current design won’t stay the same for too long!