PU’s in NZ



So I have adventurous parents. Some time ago my mom came up with the idea to see if they could travel to New Zealand. My dad, at first, wasn’t all that enthousiastic, but as my mom’s plans began to unravel, he became more and more interested in the country.

About an hour ago, I received a phonecall from my mom. Their plane had arrived safely at Auckland International Airport. They’ll be staying in New Zealand until March 16, at which point they will fly back to Hong Kong and spend a few days. March 21 they will arrive at Amsterdam Airport again.

All I can say: awesome! And I am jealous beyond words. I almost managed to climb into one of their suitcases ;) and I begged them to take me with them.

Mom, Dad – have fun! And take loads of pictures!

As for their itinerary: they will rent a car both on North Island and South Island. They have planned various trips – one which includes whale-spotting!

[more on New Zealand: Official Tourism Site, Wikipedia entry]