Podcasts for 2021

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Do you have any good podcast recommendations for me? In Dutch, not in English. In English, but I don’t mind Dutch.

  • friends and acquaintances, recently

I find that I listen less to podcasts now that I am working from home and not traveling to work every day. During my morning 1 hour door-to-door commute, I would listen to dutch radio 4 exclusively, but my afternoon commute was mostly reserved for podcasts. Now that I don’t have that travel time, I listen to podcasts during my daily walks and in the evening when working on puzzles or embroidery work. There is a fierce competition with audiobooks, but I guess whatever my mood wants, I tune into to.

Some of the following podcasts are older and have finished, some of them have infrequent updates, other are updated daily. Have fun searches for these in your podcast app!

  • Witness history (BBC)
  • Rode Lantaarn (Dag & Nacht Media)
  • In Our Time (BBC)
  • The Inquiry (BBC)
  • Veronica Mars Investigations
  • History Extra Podcasts
  • The Delta Flyers
  • The Allusionist
  • All About Agatha
  • Zin in kunst
  • Fall of the Shah (BBC)
  • Oorlog op de flank
  • You Must Remember This «««< HEAD
  • Muziek tot leven: Flot! (NPO Radio 4)
  • Crowd Science (BBC)
  • Klassieke mysteries (NPO Radio 4) =======
  • Muziek tot leven: Flot! (Radio 4)
  • Crowd Science (BBC)
  • Klassieke mysteries (Radio 4)


  • Fall of Civilizations
  • Unearthed
  • The Hidden Djinn
  • K-Pod
  • The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry
  • Dolly Parton’s America
  • The Missing Crypto Queen (BBC)
  • David Tennant does a Podcast with …
  • Republic of Amsterdam Radio / History of the Netherlands
  • Groene Oren
  • De Vlaamse kunstroof (VPRO)
  • De Elfsteden Podcast
  • De Affaire
  • Staatsgeheim
  • Star Trek: The POD Directive
  • The Lazarus Heist (BBC)
  • Shipworm
  • Gates McFadden Investigates «««< HEAD
  • Vraag het aan Francis (NPO Radio 4) =======
  • Vraag het aan Francis (radio 4)