Review: The Other Paris

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The Other Paris by Luc Sante
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Although the book is a pleasant read, the endless lists of people, feats, streets, professions and other such enumerations becomes a bit of a slog to work your way through.
Having said that - as I mentioned in an earlier update - chapter by chapter my wish to revisit Paris increased, and I am seriously considering planning another trip, scarcely 18 months after my previous stay. The division of chapters gives a precise overview of the different aspects of the book, but when you have to read about similar sections of history each time again, confusion might set in.

When you enjoy history and you are interested in the city of Paris, I can recommend the book, but I’d warn you against scrutinizing over each chapter in too much detail, as it will detract from the overall themes of this book.

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