Review: Nemesis

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Nemesis by Lindsey Davis
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It took most of 2015 and part of 2016 to finish the entire Falco series. After reading the latest Lindsey Davis book featuring Falco’s daughter Flavia Albia (first in the series: The Ides of April by Lindsey Davis")), I yearned to reread Falco’s story again.

Finally Falco, with the help from his closest friends and family, beats his archenemy Anacrites, but it was not an easy road. As the story unfolds, you feel that there can be only one survivor in the end, but it is a close call. You feel Anacrites will still get away with his scheming and murdering. But Falco, supported by his best friend Petronius, comes out on top, leaving some of his innocence at the final reckoning. Innocence that - especially in the later books - was slowly disappearing from him anyway.

As I finished Nemesis by Lindsey Davis") tonight, I am again saddened. I am looking forward to the continuing adventures of Flavia Albia, but I will miss her father Falco tremendously.

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