Searching for a Fountain Pen: Waterman Lady Charlotte (Blue Marble)


I think it was for my 17th birthday that my parents gave me my gorgeously wonderful Waterman fountain pen. Last month my fountain pen expert (P.W. Akkerman in the Hague, is there any other?) told me that unfortunately my pen had died. This past weekend I spent quite a lot of time browing the interwebs looking for another one of these pens. No real luck.

It appears that the Lady Charlotte range from Waterman was a hit series. I’ve found a website with the list of Lady Charlotte pens and I discoverd that mine is the Lady Charlotte Blue Marble. Trying to find pens for sale, now that was even more difficult. I did find a few and I currently am watching a nib section for sale on eBay which might help me bring back my pen to the land of the living.

Of course I will visit my favorite fountain pen store Akkerman looking for a new fountain pen, but still … I want my pen back!