Vienna 2012, Day 5


(July 31, 2012)

Another morning, another start of a warm day.

I decided to take my breakfast at Café Griensteidl, and what better than to sit outside watching the fiakers assemble at the Michaelerplatz in front of the Hofburg complex. This café is frequented by the fiaker drivers and I was witness to some lovely viennese dialects, none of which I understood!

Afterwards I trekked across the Hofburg(s) and the Heldenplatz towards the two large museum buildings of the Naturhistorisches Museum and the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The latter has a large variety of beautiful collections, but I was only interested in the special construction on display to view the sections in the main hall designed and painted by Gustav Klimt. Again, I was not allowed to take photographs, but when I checked the set-up out across the landing of the hallway, I was able to snap at least one photo that is even fairly decent!


As it was nearing the full hour, I decided to hike back to the other side of the old center of town to see the Anker Uhr. This special clock is in the middle of a building site, and when the clock hit One, nothing much happened. Supposedly I was to hear a piece of music by Joseph Haydn, but I only saw the figure of Marcus Aurelius move away to make place for the figure of Joseph Haydn. A bit disappointing as I was waiting for close to 10 minutes in the heat.


Taking tram 2 back to my apartment, I decided to visit the Karmeliter market to get some lunch. A nice sheep’s cheese brie with some fresh bread really hit the spot. Back at the apartment I felt really tired (I hadn’t slept much the night before, too much noise out on the street below), and I decided to just chill and relax. I basically did not do much for the rest of the day. I guess I needed this time off!

All the photos I’ve taken today can be found here on flickr: Vienna 20120731.

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