Vienna 2012, Day 4


(July 30, 2012)

Growing up my mother was smart enough to introduce me the wonderful and alien world of the Sissi movies trilogy. And Vienna’s Schönbrunn is certainly the place where you can feel this wonder.

The Palmenhaus is an amazing old-fashioned hothouse, build with iron and rivets. The hardcore industrialist look is filled to the brim with gorgeous green plant life. Amazing circulair staircases are draped with curly plants and flowers; a soft mist is sprouting from the upper railings coating all the greens with the moisture and humidity they need.

Continuing outside, I walked the lanes towards the renowed Neptune fountain situated between the actual Schönbrunn Palace and the Gloriette. As people wandered around the paths of the formal garden, I took a seat on one of the benches and I munched on a fresh Kaiserbrödchen. People watching is a nice way to occupy your time.

I continued my trek across the gardens towards the palace’s private garden called the Crown Prince Rudolf Garden. Tucked away towards one side of the palace, it is simply a little gem. I’ve taken so many photos that instead of adding them only to my Vienna flickr set, I’ve also created a separate set of only the Schönbrunn photos.

2012 Schönbrunn - Photo Gallery


After this visit, I took the U-Bahn back into town and I decided to visit another classic: Café Sperl. Inside a spectecular collection of wood and shiny lamps, but with this great weather, I opted for lunch outside.

Again, I took a break by going back to my apartment: uploading photos, taking a nap, and doing some grocery shopping. Later that afternoon, I continued checking items off my sight-seeing list. This time a visit to Karlsplatz part two. I’d already visited one side of the area (see my post on Day 2), but now it was time for another amazing building and its neighbor: a church.

The Karlsplatz Stadtbahn Station built by Otto Wagner is an iconic sight. Seemingly lost against the splendor of for instance the building of the Wiener Musikverein, these two buildings are just adorable and filled with gorgeous Jugendstil details.


Another remarkable building on the Karlsplatz is of course the Karlskirche. Not one of my favorite buildings, as sometimes too much is simply too much! However, I did not want to skip seeing this monstrosity, as it is part of the iconic buildings in Vienna.

Opting for an internationally themed dinner, I stopped at a TGIF’s where I had a nice, juicy hamburger accompanied by a mojito (or two).

All the photos I’ve taken today can be found here on flickr: Vienna 20120730.

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