Vienna 2012, Day 3


(July 29, 2012)

Again, early to bed and early to rise. My uncle had told me about the streetcar museum and as I can remember the little red streetcars from the visit to Vienna with my parents, I took the tram line 2 (there’s a stop right outside my apartment) to Stubbentor and changed to U3 to Schlachthausgasse and walked towards the main entrance of the Wiener Straßenbahnmuseum.

2012 Vienna Strassenbahnmuseum - Photo Gallery

The Viennese red streetcars are wonderful! And the museum has so many older models that I could not stop taking photos of them. There were very few people around and most of them natives. If you’re ever in Vienna for a longer period of time, why not forget about all the Habsburg palaces and visit this little gem?

Within a few stops, the U3 took me back to the center of town to the Stephansplatz. Earlier this month, while I was planning and researching all my sight-seeing goals, I had decided to visit the Stephansdom and be part of a church service. I must confess, I didn’t. My visit to the streetcar museum was my moment of contemplation. I did check out a little café friends of mine had advised: Café Diglas. A nice fluffy pastry with berries and chocolate, accompanied by a pot of Darjeeling tea: wonderful!

Onwards and forwards, the city beckons.

On my list to visit were the special Gustav Klimt exhibitions. Always open to the public, but this year all with special attention as it’s 150yrs since his birth. The Secession on the Karlsplatz is an amazing building. It’s actually one of the few buildings I clearly remember from my earlier visit. Pure white, square and rectangular shapes, gold and the idea of flowers. A clear idea of what the Secession is and was about can be read from the inscription:

Der Zeit ihre Kunst | Der Kunst ihre Freiheit

Inside are changing exhibitions, but more importantly, it is now also home to the Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt. Beautifully and lovingly restored, kept in a newly build basement (it was very very cold!). You are not allowed to take photographs, because the art is very delicate.

Once outside, the heat hit me. Walking around the beginning of the Naschmarkt I decided to take a little break. Walking around the ring, I stopped at the Museums Quartier where - apart from a wonderful group of museums - I had lunch in the middle of the MQ. Nicely shaded, with a bit of a breeze I watched the people walk by. We were even entertained by a large group of emo/goth/steampunk kids who had gathered to take a group photo. After lunch I went back the apartment for a little break (and to upload some photos).


Later that evening, I took the tram back towards the ring, because there were a few places still to check out. One of them the holocaust memorial on the Judenplatz. Very impressive and poignant. A quick bite to eat from a Würstelstand and back to the apartment to get some sleep/rest.

All the photos I’ve taken today can be found here: Vienna 20120729.

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