Vienna 2012, Day 1

(July 27, 2012)

(Short notes on my train ride)

Den Haag CS - Utrecht CS

Early phonecall from mom, who happened to be awake when I had to get up … hmm suspicious! ;-)

My taxi was perfectly on time, which meant that I could take an earlier train, because I’d rather wait for the next train while at Utrecht than at Den Haag: the latter is more of a building site than the former.

Gentleman in the first class quiet train section is an expert at loudly sniffing and snorting every single minute.

Utrecht CS

Too early and in the middle of the vacation period, so not enough people to watch.

Decided to get a coffee at Starbucks where I also suckered myself (eh?) into buying a ceramic refillable mug; will get a refill when at Franfkurt Hbf.

Utrecht CS - Frankfurt am Main Hbf

My reserved seat is a single seat, but as the first class section is very empty, I’ve decided to move to a two-seater: love the space and the quiet.

Behind me two elderly ladies from Suriname are chatting away. In front of me, two gentlemen (seem to be casual acquaintances) are planning their weekend getaway.

Dusseldorf Hbf

Whew! Panic! All of a sudden as we’re entering Dusseldorf Hbf, we get an announcement to change trains. All of us have to move from platform 16 to platform 17 (down the stairs, up the stairs). As we’re settling in, we get the announcement that our current train was not technically able to go into the Netherlands, so the passengers travelling to Amsterdam got our train. For a few minutes it was quite confusing, but after a delay of about 10 minutes, we continued on the way to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt am Main Hbf

A large open station, with large locomotives running their engines: recipe for a large warm station! Placed my luggage in a locker, which made for easier walking around.

Frankfurt am Main Hbf - Wien Westbahnhof

I’ve never seen a first class section of a train so crowded! No chance of exchanging my single seat for a two-seater, but I was happy with my own little space!

For such a long train journey (about 7 hours), it was remarkably unremarkable!

Arrived in Vienna right on time and after a quick check, took the U3/U2 towards the apartment I’m renting this week. Let the fun begin!

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