Le Petit Marseillais


Long and lofty names, deceptively simple packaging and after opening the bottles, a great and wonderful scent: the complete range of Le Petit Marseillais products (LPM for sake of typing) is one big feast of enjoyment. Hearing me go on and on, you would think I was getting money from them! Far from it!




Whenever I’m in France, I will check out the supermarkets to see what LPM products they have on stock. My parents have also brought me a body milk back from a stay in France, but these last days I’ve been on the look for a store in the Netherlands that sells LPM. No great luck!

Only one internet store sells the stuff (link), but they did not have the products I wanted.

Amazon.fr to the rescue! They seem to have all the products you want, against very competitve prices, and shipping to the Netherlands is not bad either. So I spoiled myself and ordered my two favorite shower gels/cremes. Of course I didn’t read the descriptions very carefully and instead of receiving two bottles each of my chosen products, I’ve received four of each! The joy of showering has just begun ;-)

Current LPM products in use:

Lait Hydratant au Karité, Amande Douce & Huile d’Argan

Gel de Douche Rafraîchissant au Zeste de Citron & Bergamote d’Italie (shower as if you were bathing in Lady Grey Tea!)

Douche Crème Nourissante à l’Huile d’Abricot & Fleur d’Amandier de Provence