My Garden

Smaller than a postage stamp, five hours of full sunlight and in the middle of the city: my garden. It’s a wonderful little garden and this year I’ve spent quite some time (and money) to perfect my idea of my garden.

Only three (well, four if you count one unknown little plant) winter hard plants remain in the soil: a lavender bush (tamed but old), a mini rhododendron and a common broom.


All the other plants are in various pots. Beginning of May I bought a few strawberry plants (Elsanta breed) and it has been great looking after them. If only the ants would leave them alone! So far ants have not yet eaten any of the fruits, but that’s only because these are still growing (bright and beautifully green!). The ants have taken over my gerbera plants however, and I have no idea how to battle them.


I’ve taken to adding small ant pest control boxes in various places around my little garden: tried to find out where their nests are, but no luck. Hopefully this will at least diminish the population, but I do not want to resort to stronger chemicals because that would make my strawberries inedible. Any advice would be helpful! For more images, check out these: