The Intelligencer - Leslie Silbert


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Title: The Intelligencer Author: Leslie Silbert ISBN: 0743432932 List price: $14.00

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Step into the world of Kit Marlowe, well-known playwright and spy for Queen Elisabeth I.

Silbert brings hands-on experience as a private eye to her entertaining debut thriller, which shifts deftly between the present and the late 16th century. In 1593 Christopher Marlowe, temporarily bereft of his artistic muse, takes on his final espionage assignment for the nascent intelligence agencies of the time-a smuggling case that may involve high-level individuals. In contemporary New York, Kate Morgan, English Renaissance scholar turned PI, is directed by her firm-which doubles as an undercover U.S. intelligence unit-to look into the attempted burglary from the home of a dashing London financial whiz of a leather-bound volume of 16th-century intelligence reports written in cipher. (Publishers Weekly)