The Plot Against America - Philip Roth


Title: The Plot Against America - Philip Roth

Author: Philip Roth

ISBN: 1400079497

List price: $14.95

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What if … Always an interesting idea, especially when it means that ‘evil’ stays in power (like for instance in the book Fatherland by Robert Harris), or, as is the case in this book, ‘evil’ wins power. Philip Roth portrays the world through his eyes as a 9-year old. FDR does not win the elections. Instead Charles Lindbergh, the aviation hero, wins - and he turns his country into a fear-driven, scapegoat-demanding mass of ignorant people.

I can recommend this book to anyone interested in politics and american history. Luckily for the world today the ‘what if’ did not happen, but somehow today’s world is still fear-driven and scapegoat-demanding! It makes you wonder if anything ever really changes, or if our entire history is made up of only one or two possible scenarios.