Podcasts: List for 2016

List’sss Aug 08, 2016

Updated since January 15, 2016 Time to add some other podcasts I'm listening to!

Ever since I heard about The Thrilling Adventure Hour, I have been a fan of podcasts. Currently, I have quite a list that I follow, some more frequently than others. These podcasts are an ideal way each day to wind down, when I travel back from work on public transport. I will simply start a new episode of one of the following podcasts:

On my To Listen list for 2016:

Finished, but worth to hear again:

Somehow, I did not manage to get into Serial[1. Neither season 1 or 2 appeals to me.], but there are so many podcasts out there, I do not feel as if I'm missing out!


Leonieke Aalders

Love city life in The Hague #stayhome #staylocal Nature, buildings, statues: what a great way to capture an image!

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