Podcasts for 2019

List’sss Feb 13, 2019

Below is a list of the podcasts I'm currently listening to: some left over from my first posts on Podcasts (2016, 2018) because I still follow and listen to the episodes, others are brand new (and very addictive!).

  • De Brand in het Landhuis (NTR for NPO Radio 1) (7 episodes, total) (NL)
  • Onbehaarde Apen (NRC) (39 episodes, to date) (NL)
  • David Tennant Does a Podcast With… (3 episodes, to date)
  • The Doorstep Murder (BBC Radio Scotland) (8 episodes, total)
  • The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry (BBC Radio 4) (61 episodes, to date)
  • K-Pod (Haagsch College) (6 episodes, to date) (NL)
  • Ongesigneerd (VPRO Radio) (22 episodes, to date) (NL)
  • Cocaine & Rhinestones: The History of Country Music (15 episodes, total)
  • The Allusionist (Radiotopia) (98 episodes, to date)
  • De Rode Lantaarn (Dag en Nacht Media for Het is koers) (88 episodes, to date) (NL)
  • Intrigue: The Ratline (BBC Radio 4) (10 episodes, total)
  • Eenmaal Andermaal… (BNR Radio for Vereniging Rembrandt) (13 episodes, to date) (NL)
  • You Must Remember This (Slate) (149 episodes, total)
  • CrowdScience (BBC World Service) (118 episodes, to date)
  • De moord op Patrick (VPRO Argos) (7 episodes, total) (NL)


Leonieke Aalders

Love city life in The Hague #stayhome #staylocal Nature, buildings, statues: what a great way to capture an image!

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