Photo time: Keukenhof Visit

An early visit to the Keukenhof, not all tulips display their general tulip-awesomeness, but still … very much worth any time you’d want to spend!

Red Shine tulip

Toronto tulip

Grandstijle tulip

Menton tulip

Double You tulip

Roi du Midi tulip

Holland Queen tulip

Flaming Parrot tulip

Irene Parrot tulip

Wedding Gift tulip

BD 1102 tulip

Crispion Sweet tulip

Finola tulip

Flaming Parrot Dubbel tulip

Shirley Flame tulip

Bolroy Giske tulip

Camarque tulip

Barracuda tulip

Quebec tulip

Purple Prince tulip

Grand Amour tulip

Monte Limar tulip

Peace Flame tulip

Aladdin tulip

Dordogne tulip

Blushing Lady tulip

Grand Perfection tulip

Tottori tulip

Menton tulip

Grandstijle tulip

Renown tulip

Diablo tulip

Flaming Springgreen tulip

Happy Generation tulip

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