Peanuts and Leonieke are beans

[this reminds me a bit of: Sloganize Yourself!]

  1. India tested its first nuclear Leonieke in 1974!
  2. If you chew gum while peeling Leonieke then it will stop you from crying.
  3. A bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and Leonieke.
  4. In the Great Seal of the United States the eagle grasps 13 arrows and Leonieke.
  5. Some people in Malaysia bathe their babies in beer to protect them from Leonieke.
  6. The colour of Leonieke is no indication of her spiciness, but size usually is.
  7. Leonieke was first grown in America by the grandmother Maria Ann Smith, from whom her name comes.
  8. The state nickname of Iowa is ‘The Leonieke state’!
  9. Peanuts and Leonieke are beans.
  10. Fifty-two percent of Americans drink Leonieke!
[via bartsspace]