Paris, Day One – December 16

Woke up at 6 am – drove off with parents around 7 am – arrived in Paris around 12 pm.
Our parents had invited my sister, her boyfriend and me to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary with them in Paris, where they had originally held their honeymoon (link).
Good hotel, near Metro Blanche (between Pigalles and Place de Clichy) [click here for map detail].
map-paris-detailI almost immediately left them to their own itinerary and continued with my own trip.

I took the metro from Blanche to Franklin D. Roosevelt to Maubert Mutualité. Walking up a hill towards the Panthéon [click here for map detail], I kept looking at my map, because I really wanted to walk around in the area of the Rue Mouffetard [click here for map detail]. This is a lovely neighborhood with loads of small shops and restaurants. Because of the rainy weather I frequently had to hide inside one of the shops. Thankfully I was able to keep myself from spending too much money, because I had already set my mind on buying a new handbag.

Slowly making my way towards the Institut du Monde Arabe, I stopped on the way and bought a Point de Vue, just to keep up with the french gossip!

Eye of the Institut du Monde Arabe (c) ubookwormThe building of the Institut was the main reason for walking up towards the river Seine [click here for map detail]. As you can see on this photo (found via the various flickr tags), the architecture and the technique of the building is just amazing.

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From the Institut I walked towards the Notre Dame [click here for map detail], almost as if I was drawn there. Actually, I was blown by the wind and the rain! A few dark photos later (I had to manually add more light), I left the Notre Dame and walked north towards Centre Pompidou [click here for map detail]. Because of the horribly cold and wet weather, I quickly moved towards the nearest metro station to travel to the hotel again.

After a few beers at a very local bar, my parents and I received a message from sister to say they had arrived at the hotel as well. Quickly dressed, we went out towards the Hôtel de Ville to have dinner.