Package Arrived #Kusmi

A year ago, my sister asked for Kusmi tea as her Sinterklaas present1. Curious, I bought a taster selection for myself as well: a mixed group of (in the words of Kusmi Tea):

English Breakfast, a blend of Ceylon and Assam teas, and Kashmir Tchai, an outstanding blend boasting 6 different spices. Anastasia is a blend exclusive to Kusmi: an Earl Grey with scents of citrus fruits.
Green tea fans will just love Imperial Label, with its orange and cinnamon notes.
Lastly, refreshing, thirst-quenching Green tea with Nanah mint from Morocco is the perfect way to round off a generous brunch.

I am not a big fan of green teas, black teas however: god, I love them! Any and all variations on Earl Grey tea, yes please! I also enjoy Orange Pekoe and Darjeeling blends. Last week, I was browsing through the long list of Kusmi teas and I decided to treat myself to some gorgeous new teas. Today, the package arrived (via a friendly neighbor who had accepted it while I was at work yesterday). A simple brown box, but the label is what makes the unboxing interesting.

I treated myself to three exciting teas:

From my stay in Berlin I still have a few bags left over of Kusmi’s Darjeeling N°37, so I’m set for the near future!

Tomorrow morning, I think I shall start the day with a taster session of these teas.


  1. She wanted the Imperial Label.