Online Connection: Instagram and Facebook

Do I still want to continue to use instagram now that facebook is making its mark on it? I read a tweet tonight that explains why the locations list feels seriously b0rked when I use instagram.

All my instagram photos are automatically pushed all over the web (why do this manually, when you can use ifttt to have it appear automatically?) and before I move away from using instagram as my main snapshot service, I need to make sense of where my photos end up where and how exactly.

It was time for another check on the online connections for my posts.


Online Connections (WP) – May 2014

Using ifttt I want to see if I can make flickr my main snapshot service and still get foursquare logins. Posting the photos to 500px and all other services (and even instagram) will not be a problem, but I do not think that flickr’s location services tie into foursquare. Using foursquare as main snapshot service will not work, because foursquare simply is not a photo service. I am curious to discover what foursquare’s new service swarm app will bring, but as it has not launched yet, I have no idea.


instagram flow

For now, I will look into how I can mix up these services so that I will still get my foursquare login, but also get the photos published the way I want it.

My previous efforts in mapping these online connections: