Old Posts Find a Home Again!

(and cause a slight mishap with posterous …)

Thanks to the brilliant work & help of Michiel van Baak, all my old posts hosted on leonieke.eu (via the mvblog software) have been imported onto this new leonieke.eu platform (running wordpress).

As you can see from my previous posts, I do have some maintenance to do, but all-in-all it’s been a great move.

Of course, I had totally forgotten about all the auto post plugins running on this new platform, so I’m afraid one twitter account (not really active) and my posterous.com website were spammed by approximately 450 posts!


My apologies to all the people who subscribe to any of the following webservices/accounts!

  • twitter.com/aalders
  • twitter.com/leoniekeaalders
  • twitter.com/leoniekedotnet
  • twitter.com/leoniekenet
  • identi.ca/leonieke
  • facebook | leonieke
  • aalders.posterous.com