New Phone


Received a phonecall earlier this morning, telling me that this phone will not be available in the Netherlands. When I looked at other mobile phones, I discovered that the special offer was not valid anymore. So I have cancelled my order, and now I am hoping that they will not cancel my entire subscription!

Just a week ago, I realised that my mobile phone subscription was not just 1 year old, but 2 years old. I had used my trusty Nokia 7210 this long without knowing it. As I had a 24-month subscription, it was time to choose a new subscription (I have been using my mobile more and more), and it was time – more importantly – to choose a new phone.

After looking around, and asking friends about theirs, my choice has befallen the Motorola V635 (US/NL). It looks funky and new, especially compared to my current phone.

All that remains is for me to fill out all the forms and to fax them to a company.

It will be my first non-Nokia phone, so I feel as if I am ‘leaving’ my chosen phone-religion.

What mobile phone do you use?