New Babylon, Constant

A world without borders or constraints. People freed from work and able to play and travel at will.


Five years ago I visited my favorite museum: the Haags Gemeentemuseum. Always great exhibitions, but more importantly, they have a great own collection. One of the artists featured and kept in their depots is Constant Nieuwenhuys: Constant. Better known perhaps as one of the founders of CoBrA, the artist collective.

[BEO-1989-0006] Klein labyr – Constant Nieuwenhuys [BEO-1989-0006]
[1958] Yellow Sector – Constant Nieuwenhuys [1958]

While Constant is certainly an artist in his own rights, the Haags Gemeentemuseum is currently showing his New Babylon visionary project based on his philosophy that humankind needs to play and travel through a landscape or a city. As happened previously when I visited the Alexander Calder exhibit, once again an artist has inspired me. Today I went back for my second visit, because I had not yet seen all of his artwork and maquettes on display.

Enjoy the photos and if you’re in The Hague, please visit this great exhibit, closing September 25, 2016.