MvBlog 0.6 is out!

As some of you might know, this website runs on the MvBlog software package. This software program is entirely coded by my friend Michiel.

Over the past 3-4 months, Sofie and I have been using the software on an almost daily basis. And it rocks!
Whenever we find a feature that we would like to see added, or whenever Michiel thinks we want something simply too specific for other people, code is added or deleted almost instantly.
Even now, I see the character-counter has been moved to the end of all the style buttons in the post-editor. Before it was moving around, as the counter had to use larger numbers.

I can safely say that Michiel is building a wonderful package, that will be able to rival many weblogging programs out there on the net.

In the future, well-written FAQ and Documents will be available, explaining the install and features of MvBlog.

Keep an eye out on all the features that will pop up at the most unexpected times. And if you find a bug, feel free to post a comment to any of my posts, or simply go here: MvBlog –, and post a bug-report.