Movie: For Lovers Only

For Lovers Only

For Lovers Only

A day off from work, lousy rainy weather in the evening, what better than to watch a movie?

Via twitter I had seen various rave notices for the movie For Lovers Only by the Polish Brothers: why not watch it? It wasn’t as easy as that. The movie is not available in the Netherlands, but I was able to buy it through the US iTunes store (with a US account, mind you!).

Watched it, love it, will watch it again in the coming days.

Two former lovers reunite and re-ignite their passion as they spend a romantic holiday in France.

Get it here: For Lovers Only – iTunes Movie

Get the music: For Lovers Only – iTunes Music, composed by Kubilay Üner

More info: The Polish Brothers | For Lovers Only at Wikipedia

[update 20120102]

It’s not really straightforward to get, but via websites like you can purchase “american” iTunes gift cards.
You will also need to log in to a US iTunes account, more info here…
Good luck! The movie is certainly worth it!

[update 20130717]

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