Mount a SAMBA server on your Mac

You can mount (if the server has been properly tagged by the server’s admin) servers as ‘extra’ harddisks, a very useful tool I use when working from home, but without my work laptop.

In Finder > Go > Connect to Server .. ⌘K

This will open a popup where you can fill in the server address. For SAMBA servers, add the prefix smb:// but you can also use the regular http:// (or https:// for secure servers).

Using the + button will add the server address to your preferred server list. Next, click Connect and see the server as a mounted harddisk on your Desktop.

Depending on the servers access you may have to give a username and/or password before mounting.

Of course, as you can see in the line Finder > Go > Connect to Server .. ⌘K, you can also (when in Finder) use the shortcut key combination ⌘K!