Mini Strandbeest: Animaris Ordis Parvus

Totally awesome gift to myself: a model mini strandbeest1!

Tonight I decided to assemble this awesome little creature: I managed in under 1 hour.

What are strandbeest(s/en)2? PVC-piped artificial self-sustaining new lifeforms, created by Theo Jansen. Let’s pick wikipedia’s definition:

Jansen has been creating Strandbeest (Dutch: strand=beach; beest=beast), wind-walking examples of artificial life, since 1990. What was at first a rudimentary breed has slowly evolved into a generation of machines that are able to react to their environment […]

There are dozens of videos on the interwebs that will show the Strandbeesten in action, and the creator has been invited to a few TedX talks explaining his philosophy and wishes for the strandbeesten. Adam Savage (MythBusters) is a great fan, and he has uploaded a Tested video where he assembles a Japanese model: link.

This coming Saturday (August 17, 2013), I am hoping to catch a large Strandbeest in action, when Theo Jansen will demonstrate the Animaris Protinus at the beach south of Scheveningen.

And my own little strandbeest? It turned out to be very cute.

To see them in action, check this video from Theo Jansen:


  1. You can easily find strandbeesten for purchase on eBay, but be aware of fakes! The smarter move? Buy them via Theo Jansen’s website.
  2. How do you form the plural in English of a Dutch word? Should it be strandbeests or strandbeesten?