Meme of Me – E

E is for … Eten

Alright, so I’m cheating slightly, but only because I am bilingual.

Eten, according to the Van Dale Dictionary of Dutch:

eten(1) (het ~) (noun)

1 voedsel
2 maaltijd

eten(2) (ov.ww., ook abs.) (verb)

1 (iets) als voedsel tot zich nemen => aan de maaltijd zitten, aan tafel zitten, bikken, de inwendige mens versterken, de maaltijd gebruiken, nasjen, nassen, zijn honger stillen

I like Food/Eten, and I not ashamed to admit it! Some of my favorite recipes can be found online, and I regularly receives updates from one of the best food sites available now: Simply Recipes. Of course, whenever I find something that hasn’t been posted anywhere, I’ll add the recipe to this blog (it’s been a while, I know!): Bien Manger.

In time, I have realised that I’d rather spend more money on less food when that food is of a higher quality. What can I say: taste matters.

Do you have any recipes you wish to share?