Meme of Me – D

D is for … Den Haag

Apologies for the late post, but I was busy with my sister’s wedding last week.

On to this letter, D. Den Haag / The Hague, my new hometown as of December 26, 2006.

I grew up in Voorburg (might come back under the V), one of Den Haag’s neighbouring towns. As Voorburg is quite small compared to Den Haag, my parents would always take my sister and me to Den Haag whenever we needed new clothes and such, as Den Haag has some excellent large department stores. Also, any movie I saw, I saw in the cinema theaters in Den Haag. In fact, whenever my mom would say "let’s go into town", she’d mean Den Haag.

Now growing up in a small town near Den Haag, I never felt I wanted to live in Den Haag. Among Voorburgers (aka, people from Voorburg) there is some pride in the fact that Voorburg received its ‘city rights’ from the Romans (Voorburg was known in Roman times as Forum Hadriani), whereas Den Haag received its ‘rights’ from Napoleon, which I believe were rescinded when the French left the Netherlands. Den Haag never received city rights again, but nowadays, seeing as it is the seat of our government and our queen, it is certainly a city in its own right!

I would never call myself Hagenaar/Hagenees (more on the difference can be found in the City section on Wikipedia’s The Hague page), but I do feel at home in this city. Perhaps this also has something to do with the fact I live in a posh section!