Meme of Me – C

C is for … Comics

And cartoons. In books, or on television. I love reading comics and cartoons, and while at university I graduated to reading and enjoying graphic novels.

It all started with my parents’ collection of Suske and Wiske comic books [Spike and Suzy] and I still occasionally read them when I’m at my parents’ house. However, the recent comic books in this series (recent as in those published in this century) are not of the same level as the old ones and I do not buy nor read them anymore. Whenever my family and I would visit places in Europe, I (and my sister too) would usually have already read about it in Suske en Wiske, and I have recognized this in stories told by friends who grew up on the same books.

Of course, I also read the books of Tin Tin (Kuifje, in dutch) and Asterix and Obelix, but in my youth, Suske en Wiske were my favorite.

On TV, I used to watch all the popular cartoons (He-Man, yes, I’m sorry, was included as well), and in my late teens I even enjoyed Dexter’s Lab.

While at university a friend of mine introduced me to the Sandman graphic novels. And this was very new to me!

Right now, whenever I watch TV, I will try to catch As Told By Ginger on Nickleodeon. Her kid brother is just hilarious!

Which comics did you grew up reading?

p.s.: I have always had a weakness for Calvin&Hobbes. Thanks to birthday presents from friends, I now have three books. These same friends also gave me the Gary Larson Galleries. In one word: awesome!