Meme of Me – B

Bamse - cartoon
B is for … Bamse

My teddy bear. I received him for my first birthday from my godparents, and he has been a faithful friend ever since that first day we met.

I do not have a current photo of Bamse, but compared to his first days, he has certainly changed! He used to sleep in my bed, underneath my head as an extra pillow. Over the years, Bamse was flattened severely, and now he is but a shadow of his former self.

Bamse has travelled with me to various countries, and of course during my one-year stay in both Georgia, USA and Edinburgh, Scotland he was at my side (and on some lonely nights in my bed). Even now, on those rare nights when sleep will just not happen, I will grab him, place him on my pillow and as soon as I hit the ‘pillow’, I fall asleep.

I have no idea where I found the name Bamse (in his younger years, I think he was simply known as Beer (Bear)), but I think I once received a comic book which featured a super strong bear, called Bamse [Bamse {wikipedia}].

Bamse now resides in a nice comfy basket at the food of my bed, together with some other stuffed animals i rescued from my youth (my parents did not allow me to keep ALL of them – how rude!), and last I heard, he was quite happy not be squished between my head and my pillow anymore.

I have discovered over the years that people who grew up with a teddybear as their favorite companion cannot seem to explain to people who did not have this particular stuffed animal what it is exactly, that makes a teddybear so special. Very odd!