Meme of Me – A

[via Darren] The coming days, I will be posting an A-Z Meme of Me, starting with A.

A is for … Aalders

I have always had a close relation with this letter (if you can call it that), as it is the first letter (and the second) of my last name.
Ever since I can remember in school, whenever there was an assignment, public speaking or book essays, I was always the first to be called to speak. I once managed to convince a teacher that we should start at the end of the alphabet, but when my turn came, I realised I was used to being the first one, so I never tried to convince a teacher of this method again!

Only when I started at University, I was not the first anymore, but I was third or at one time even the sixth person of a group of 1500 people.

Still, I know that my name will always be on the first page of any telephone book. As in most student towns, it is customary to phone people late in the evening/early in the morning, after a night filled with alcohol, and this is the reason, I do not want to be mentioned in the phone book again. They would invariably end up phoning me at 4 am!

Often when meeting people whose names also begin with an A, it is funny to discover they are quite surprised to find out they are not the first anymore, because, as my last name starts with a double AA, and I am almost always right before them in telephone lists and such.

The Aalders is name is of German origin, originally being Van or Von Aalders. You can almost etimologically link it to the german/dutch word for eagle (Adler/adelaar). A distant cousin has done genealogical research, and you can find some of my forefathers on his page [Maarten Aalders – Genealogie {nl}]. You can find me under Vllld (W.J. is my father, C. is my grandfather).